Little Bit Of Everything

27 October 1959
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I am a divorced mother of two wonderful sons. I am Retired Army & Retired Civil Service. (Don't be intimidated on me being retired, I just recieve 2 retirement pensions already.) My major fields were Medical, Transportation, Admin, & Legal. I have a college degree.
I have been divorced since 1999. I own my 2 story home & live in a small town life.

I like country music & lite rock mostly, but also enjoy the Blues, Bluegrass, or R&B, and folk music. I am more of a listener than a talker, but can on occasion talk someone's head off.
I like boating or fishing, but I don't swim well & am a little afraid of the water deeper than my chest. I can, however, bait my own hook. I grew up camping & did some camping in the military as well.

I can cook quite well when I choose to. I like eating out as long as I can eat it with a fork or spoon. I'm not much for fast food unless it is necessary for time constraints, I just don't like to get my hands messy with food residue.

I like to give or recieve gifts for any reason, not just a holiday. Gifts, to me, are from the heart & should not be bound to only certain times of the year. I do not consider myself high maintenance, for I do not require expensive items, it's the thought that counts.

I like gentlemen, if I date any guys. Some people think of me as tough, but I guess it could be from my Army career or growing up a tomboy? The thought of being with the same sex, in my own opinion for myself, grosses me out. I am definately 100% into men or guys. There is more to do on a date than just eating or a movie, like something interactive. You can't get to know each other when you have a mouth full or where you have to be quiet.

I'm not much of a drinker, but on occasion have had a social drink. I grew up on a farm in the boonies & raised cattle with my 1st husband(widowed). I've lived in a large city, moved around a little while in the military, & now live in a small town. I have lived almost every walk of life imagineable.

I am a mother bear when it comes to children, & will stand up for any children if the need arises.

I am kind of like what they call a Diamond In The Rough. I may sound tough sometimes, but I know how to love, & am very sensitive as a woman/lady. I have become pretty much more feminine since retiring from the Army, and love being a lady and love being pampered, not necessary, but it is nice to be. I am kind of like a mouse in lion's clothing, act tough on the outside but scared to death on the inside.

I am very Very cautious & it is hard for me to trust people. In the beginning, I may come off as uninterested or distant, which sometimes the opposite actually applies. I hardly ever make a very first move. A majority of men give up before they get very far, because I try to take my time & get to know them well before it goes any deeper than that, for I believe any deeper constitutes true feelings being invloved in the circumstances, but have been known to make mistakes in my judgement of that & then get hurt.

I love Florida's east coast beaches during some vacations in the spring.

My entire immediate family are military veterans (some retired as well), excluding my deceased twin sister & a 1/2 sister. I grew up a majority of my life (7-17) without my birth mother around, being that we lived thousands of miles apart, which she became my best friend in my adult years before passing in 2005.

There is a time & a place for religion. I think that family or friends on either side have their own choice in religion, & it doesn't have to be just one single religion. I don't agree with pushing or cornering someone on any religion.