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Gossip Can Ruin Someone's Career

Gossip can ruin someone's career whether it is true or not.
One person talks & says something to another person.
Someone at the next table/desk overhears & starts talking about it to another person.
Next thing you know everyone in the Office/Building/Room knows it & is talking about it.
Today's Junior Prick, Tomorrows Senior Partner. 
(Sorry if you are offended by that word; I do not mean it as a cuss word.)
Some day, you may be working with a person that over hears it; even up to 20 years from now.
That person is moving up & you are not. 
You can't get to where you are going & you wonder why.
It could have already have happened at least once to you.
That You can be yourself, a friend, or a family member.
People forgive, they don't forget.
Don't be the reason someone doesn't move up.
Gossip can ruin someone's career whether it is true or not.
I got this from a supervisory course I went to in the military. 
We people in experienced positions,  supervisory positions, or just plain high places should set the example to those people less experienced  or in lower positions.  The good in yourself just might rub off to. 
Have you ever hear the phrase "things roll downhill"?
It is only advice/suggestion.  I never try to tell anyone what to do.  One can take advice or suggestions or just ignore it.  It is a choice, never an expectation.
I always try to not rub people the wrong way.  I never look down on others for the way they do things, they are being themselves.  I know I have my own quirks that some don't like.  That is also a reason why 2 people find each other in a relationship, they are more alike than with others. 
Everyone is different in their own way, unique.   I, myself, never belittle others. 
Just like the saying goes: "Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you";  & like the Bible says, "Judge Not, yest ye be judged with them".

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