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The Human Voice

Book Excerpt:  Welcome Home to Yourself - By Suzanne Kyra, MA; Nathan Derksen, BSc

The Human Voice
 The voice of a loved one who has passed away is the one I long for the most.  To hear that voice again would be the greatest music to my heart and ear.  The human voice has such ability to awaken us, heal, and love.
The human voice connects us to our need for relationship. The voice of others brings a flood of memories, reassurance, or trepidation. The human voice has such ability to awaken us, heal, and love. We all understand how the voice of one we love can be perceived as precious. We are aware of the power and perfection in the voice, and the need to use it carefully and kindly. The voice has the capacity to express and share our truth. When uncertain what to say, ask yourself what you think you would say 60 years from now, and your loved ones are no longer here beside you. Sometimes it takes hindsight to gain insight when called to find our voice.
I Have Learned
...that the human voice is powerful in its ability to soothe or irritate. Sometimes I forget its potency. The thought that I can carry the vibrations that communicate my inner consciousness to others amazes me. The inaudible voice beneath my speaking voice is the most tender and efficient bridge of communication linking me to others. It allows me to intricately communicate my instincts, emotions, and feelings. There are many voices we can experiment with in learning the art of authentically and clearly communicating ourselves, while dropping all pretences.
Musings on the Human Voice, With Interest
When we become interested in voices, we make an investment to enrich our lives. Whose voice causes you to feel the greatest endearment, joy, and tenderness? How often do you use your voice to hum, whistle, or sing? When do you do it? How does it feel? What are your happiest memories of using your voice to speak a courageous truth?
To live with dignity, voice your truth and speak it with authenticity and integrity. Your voice is a great gift to use wisely. Experiment with ways your voice can bring you connection, comfort, confidence, pleasure, and joy. Making this a daily practice will develop your ability to speak without holding any part of yourself back for fear of losing connection. Enjoy searching for ways to use your voice to express respect for yourself and others.
About the Authors:
Ms. Kyra fulfills her professional calling as a Registered Clinical Counselor, speaking internationally, leading workshops, consulting, providing clinical supervision for Simon Fraser University Psychology Clinic, and maintaining a private practice. She lives with her husband and younger son in the midst of British Columbia's natural beauty. Nathan Derksen is a gifted photographer. As a Simon Fraser University graduate, he works for an international company as a Web Architect. Nathan also shares his expertise as an international speaker and author of a technical book on computer design. He lives with his wife and son in Vancouver.
This is an excerpt from "Welcome Home to Yourself," a beautiful, insightful 128-page photo journal written by Suzanne Kara with photography by Nathan Derksen. Buy the book and receive an abundance of gifts! Go to http://www.suzannekyra.com/

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